About The Occupation


On 30 June 1940, forces of Nazi Germany captured the Channel Islands. This was to be the only British territory captured by the German Army in World War 2. An unusual chapter of the war began as the British islanders were forced to live under Nazi rule until their Liberation in May 1945. During that time the soldiers and the people they ruled lived side by side in an uneasy peace, ever fearful of an Allied counter-attack that would have decimated the Islands. Eventually cut off from their supply lines, starving and pitiful, the German forces surrendered without a shot being fired. 

One soldier posted there was Toni Kumpel, an ordinary young man from an ordinary German town. Posted first to the Channel Islands and eventually to the Russian Front, Toni experienced complete extremes in his time as a servant of the Nazi regime.

In Toni's Footsteps is loosely Toni's story but also the story of all those who both lived in the Islands and ruled over them. Most importantly it's the story of human beings experiencing an unusual and unforgettable time in the midst of the horrors of war that were tearing the world apart.